Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"Spring" 2009

I use the term Spring loosely, since it's freezing here in my neck of the woods. Whatever happened to Winter quarter? Now, we have Fall and Spring semesters... it's like if we don't mention winter, maybe it won't happen. I have this thought each and every day as I trek to class with the wind in my face and snow crunching under my boots. Ahhh, yes. It's "spring!"

The first week of class was great. It's taking a bit of adjustment to get used to not working. My days are taking on a new rhythm, and I have to admit, it's nice to get up at the same time as my husband again. Dinners are later, but we're managing.

I am in four classes this semester.
Monday, Research Thesis. This class is especially fun, since there are only 10 of us, and it's more of an independent study. We are required to do a full and complete research study in the space of one semester. I will be working with human subjects, and doing something closely aligned with my interests. I have a few ideas, but need to do more reading first. I'm thinking of hypothesizing different eating habits between workers who have cafeteria access vs. workers who do not. My theory is that packers eat best, while those who eat at a cafeteria eat decently, and those who purchase food from an outside restaurant fare worst of the three groups. Hmmm...

Tuesday, Issues in Nutrition. This class follows the newest trends in the food industry (like radiation of meat or genetically modified foods). We will also learn how the FDA and other gov't organizations are involved with our everyday food choices. Peanut butter, anyone? The coolest part of this class is that I must choose a current piece of food related legislation, decide if I am for or against it, then present my case to a legislator. Drop me a note if you know the governor's private cell number...

Wednesday, No class. I'll be spending my days studying and reading. Off campus.

Thursday, Nutrition Education. This class is really similar to the marketing class I took last semester, and I get to work in a group again. My partner and I already have an idea of the "nutrition intervention" we'd like to design. We plan to design a class for newlyweds who are now cooking for two, with a focus on correct portion size. We came up with this idea since both of us were totally confused as to how much a dude should be eating for dinner when we began co-habitation with the men in our lives. Couple that with the fact that most new brides gain 5-7 pounds in the first year of marriage, and yeah, I think a few couples might want to take our class! Possible catchy name... "Roses, Romance and Right Portions: Cooking for Two." Your ideas are welcome...

Friday, Food Lab. Watch out Alton Brown. Fridays are dedicated to learning all about the science of food. Why does water boil sooner at a higher altitude? Will a cake baked with rice flour taste the same as a cake baked with wheat flour? Each week we'll look at a new food category, play with it, taste it, and write up our findings. Oh, the best part? I get to wear a chef's jacket. And hat! This will be tons of fun to use at home once class is over. I plan to serve dinner parties wearing it and talking nonsensically in a Swedish accent.

I have also joined the student Dietetic Organization. We'll be putting a team in for the campus Relay for Life! So, the crusade against cancer continues, just in a different way.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Follow Along

Dear friends, family and loyal readers:

I've added a new feature to my blog. In the upper right side, you may now elect to sign up as a follower. I'm not completely sure how this feature works if you do not subscribe to Blogger, but try and sign up if you'd like to subscribe to my posts. You should receive email notification whenever I post something new.

I've received complaints from readers wishing to be alerted whenever new content is posted to my page. Hopefully, this will solve the problem. Thanks for subscribing!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Thoughts and Prayers

Most people who know me well know I grew up in a small town, and as a result, remain close with nearly all my childhood friends. Two of those friends right now are going through some difficult times. By sheer coincidence, both are having serious health issues. One friend has been diagnosed with brain cancer after many years of remission. Another friend currently awaits her second liver transplant in the ICU unit.

My thoughts and prayers are with both of them right now, and their incredible, wonderful families. I'm not sure they really, truly know what fond memories I have of growing up with them... how often I think back and laugh at the times spent together, or the funny things they said or did that still make me chuckle.

Faith isn't something you can touch or feel. It's not something you can describe to another person who lacks it. Faith is at it's best when we are at our worst. I have faith that these two amazing young women are going to be okay.

Nobody does it like a Youngstown girl. xoxo, m