Thursday, May 7, 2009

Summer Squeeze

Ok, so just when I thought Spring was coming to an end and I'd get a little breathing room, I decided to pick up a couple courses over the summer. Not a problem, except I am taking Chemistry from another school. Who's summer semester starts before my school's Spring session ends. So for the next couple of weeks, I will be double booked, running from one campus to the next, trying in vain to finish up and also begin. Crazy? yes. Worth it? totally. I will be finished with classes by June 25. And hopefully graduate before Shiloh Jolie-Pitt does.

Chem 101. Not much to say about this class. It's your basic old fashioned chemistry class, and it hasn't changed much since high school (Thanks, Mr. Rupert.) Atoms are still atoms. Haven't willfully tried to drink the hydrochloric acid just yet, but we're only in week 1 of 7.

Also on my plate this summer is Nutrition 192. I know, very descriptive title. Class begin mid-May, so more on that later.

This Friday I get the opportunity to present my research findings at the state dietetic conference. Very cool. Many, many thanks to all the volunteers who let me interview them, my proofreading husband, and my professors and classmates who's input was so valuable along the way. If you are a participant who requested to see final results, a more detailed report will be sent to you by email in a few weeks. Not a participant but still interested in results? Let me know and I will email them to you as well. Additionally, my professors are encouraging me to try and publish, so we'll see what happens.