Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Graduate

Well, it's official. I took my last final on Friday, and graduated with a Bachelors of Science from San Francisco State University. Yes, a big leap, but no... still not done. I'll be starting my Dietetic Internship at UCSF Medical Center in July. UCSF is considered one of the most prestigious dietetic internships in the country. I am tremendously excited for this next step, as I'll finally be in a hospital setting, applying all that I have learned. I look forward to blogging about the whole experience, as I know so many of my friends and family want to know what I'll be doing. I also look forward to meeting my fellow classmates and teachers. Ooohh! And I get to wear a lab coat if I want! (How professional! How fancy! How much easier to get dressed in the mornings!!!) In the meantime, I am sneaking away for a quick vacation with the husband, and we plan to sample every pastry shop in Paris. When we return, I am looking forward to a little downtime to do some organizing around the house, a little cooking, and of course, continuing to enjoy the bay area. Many thanks to the friends and family who have been (and continue to be)so supportive during my education. And congratulations to my classmates and fellow graduates. I expect great things from this very talented and dedicated group of food and nutrition lovers. Keep in touch...

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